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What is the sexy man in the eyes of a woman

Described as a good man a lot of words, I really like sexy men. In the end what kind of sexy men do it? Is it exposed chest, or chest?

1. Take pictures with buddies
Now people like self-timer so that their best side to show it. But abroad, a study found that men take collective photos than when alone when the handsome. Researchers said that this is a "cheerleader" effect, the photo will cover the shortcomings of men, it is more sexy.

2. Like a child
Many men like children, see the children will hold and tease him happy. According to friends that men like children than children do not like the more popular. Because of the good behavior of the baby on behalf of their willingness to the future of children into love and energy.

3. A little bit of stubble child
An Australian study found that women think that men with thick stubble are better off than men who have shaved their faces or are bearded. Scientists believe that thick beard stubble that male temperament just right.

4.Have kindness
Kindness is the most noble character of the world, "people at the beginning, the nature of good", but in such a sinister society is also willing to selfless dedication of the men, rare. Such a man is more up more sexy, more attractive to girls.

 5.Love small pets
Have seen a TV drama before, inside the male has been like a girl, but did not dare to express. The results of one day walking dog, the girl actually take the initiative to strike up a conversation. A French study shows that men walking on the street are four times more successful than a single man asking a woman for a phone number. Why do men walk the dog more attractive? Because the dog walking the dog will make women feel friendly, careful, considerate.

6.Keep the body robust and thin
University of California, Los Angeles, a study found that women think that "healthy thin" men than no muscle "thin men" and too strong "muscle men" more sexual charm.

7.A little childish
Mature does not mean that the loss of innocence, cute men are always a bit childish, they can retain a pure feelings after adulthood, the surrounding things, always in a good attitude to treat, they will not for their own ambitions Give up the family, they understand what is the most important thing in life. So this childish, not self-care ability and poor ability, but a kind of emotional dependence.

8. There is grace
Moral no matter how good, style and then, the inner world and then noble, if not demeanor also difficult to touch the woman's heart. But the demeanor does not exclude personality, style and human temperament is linked, is dependent on the quality of physiology, representing a person's personality tendencies, but also with the occupation also has a great relationship. For men, grace is a mature beauty.

9. Humor
There are people who have a sense of humor, most of them are very optimistic, with a positive attitude towards life and the spirit of centuries. Such men, frustrated, adversity, and never frown, still joking, laughing others, people do not feel the pressure of adversity, so that heavy life shows relaxed and reduce the trouble.

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